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Hartmann’s zebra

Scientific Name: Equus zebra hartmannae
Family group: Equidae
Age: 20 years
Average shoulder height: 1.5 m (males)
Average mass: 280 – 335 kg
Habitat: Occurs where mountains and lowlands meet, using the two areas according to the availability of food. Dependent on water.
Diet: Grazer.
Breeding: 12 months, with single foal.
Vocalization: Pretty much same alarm call than Burchell’s zebra.

Hartmann’s mountain zebra is a subspecies of the mountain zebra found in far south-western Angola and western Namibia. Hartmann’s mountain zebras prefer to live in small groups of 7-12 individuals. They are agile climbers and are able to live in arid conditions and steep mountainous country. It has been argued that it should be considered a separate species than the Cape Mountain Zebra, but this is not supported by genetic evidence. Consequently, it was “only” considered a subspecies in Mammal Species of the World.

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