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Benin – West Africa

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Benin is a very small French speaking country in West Africa. It was formerly known as the “Dahomey” under the French Colonial Empire. The country has been very quiet and stable since 1970, and offers today some of the finest big game hunting in West Africa.

Although the capital is Porto Novo, the largest city is Cotonou where Cadjehoun International Airport is to be found (COO)

The Republic of Benin has a population of 11 millions and the local currency is the West African CFA franc (XOF)


Our concession is situated in the Northern part of the country. The Pendjari National Park is part of one of the biggest protected wildlife area in West Africa, joining the Arli National Park and the Parc National W.

Our concession is bordering both Pendjari National park as well as the mystical Pendjari River.

We have the biggest quota of Savannah Buffalo (Syncerus Caffer Aequinoctialis) in Benin since we arguably are fortunate to host the biggest population of them. Together with Western Roan Antelope (Hippotragus Equinus), those are highly regarded West African species.

The area has a good population of West African lion and we do have one cat on quota each year.

Other species, such as Western Hartebeest (Alcelaphus Buselaphus), Defassa / Sing Sing Waterbuck (Kobus Ellipsiprymnus Defassa), Buffon’s or Western Kob (Kobus Kob), Bohor or Nagor Reedbuck (Redunca Redunca), Harnessed Busbuck (Tragelaphus Scriptus Knutsoni), Oribi (Ourebia Ourebi), Common Duiker (Cephalophus Grimmia), Red Flanked Duiker (Cephalophus rufilatus), Warthog (Phacochoerus aethiopicus) and Baboon are of common sights.

Hunting is only done by tracking on foot, including for Lion (baiting is not allowed). This makes a very challenging hunting for all those endemic species. The terrain is fairly flat, made of mostly savannah with dry bush and small woodland areas.

The Pendjari River flowing on the concession attracts a lot of game.

African Parks is now running all major National parks in Benin where anti-poaching is in place. That alone guarantees a dense animal population.


From 15 December to 15 May


The Northern part of the country has a typical tropical climate. The Rain season is from May to September with a peack in August.
The hunting season is during the hot and dry season with a peak in March. The dry harmattan blows generally everyday from North to South. During the hunting season, temperatures ranges from 90°F (32°C) to 102°F (39°C). Night temperatures may drop from 60°F (15,5°C) to 80°F (26,5°C).


Rifle and bow are allowed in Benin. No minimum calibre or kinetic energy required, we however recommand a minium of .375 H&H Mag with 300 gr bullets and 80 ft/lbs with 700 gr arrow for big game.

We will send you a temporary import permit application to fill in for your rifle(s). You may bring 2 rifles maximum (auto and semi-auto not allowed) and a maximum of 50 rounds per rifle into Benin. Please note that most airline cies allows a maximum of 5kg of ammunitions per hunter. Send a copy of your passport with 4 ID photos when returning your hunting contract to us, we will take care of your weapon import permit as well as your hunting license.


You will most probably need a visa to entre the Republic of Benin. Inquire well in advance as it may take time to send your passport away together with your application. Liaise with us so we can assist. Herewith Benin embassy in the US web site

We suggest you also visit useful website for additional information.



A valid yellow fever inoculation certificate and your yellow fever proof of vaccination is required upon arrival from all countries to enter Benin. Contact your physician for any other recommended vaccinations.

Benin is a MALARIA area and Malaria prophylactics medication is recommended. Contact your physician for the adequate treatment.

A visit to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website is recommended for any health issues updates (

BENIN 2018 / 2019

Safari 6 day 6 day 10 day 12 day
Lion $ 6500       X
Buffalo $ 950   X X X
Roan $ 950 X (or Hartebeest)   X X
Hartebeest $ 750 X (or Roan) X X X
Waterbuck $ 750     X X
Reedbuck $ 450   X X X
Bushbuck $ 450 X X X X
Oribi $ 250 X X X X
Duiker, common $ 250 X X X X
Duiker, red flanked $ 250   X X X
Warthog $ 300 X X X X
Baboon $ 100 X X X X


Our prices include:

  • Meet & greet at COO international airport, assistance with custom clearance
  • Transfer to your chosen hotel in Cotonou before reaching camp
  • Road transfer from Cotonou to camp and return ($ 800 / pers. round trip)
  • Full board accommodation in hunting camp, including bar in moderation
  • Daily laundry service (we recommend you take 3 sets of hunting clothes only)
  • Organized hunting with a professional hunter, 4×4 vehicles, skinner/tracker
  • All tracking ($ 50 / day)
  • Hunting license ($ 1,000 / hunter)
  • First preparation of trophies and transportation to Cotonou for trophy export preparation ($ 500 / hunter)
  • Dipping & Packing & Crating, all export documents ($ 1,000 / hunter)
  • Riffle import permit & ammunition tax ($ 250)
  • Tourist taxes where applicable

Our prices do not include:

  • Life support in Cotonou on the way in & out if necessary (hotel & restaurant)
  • Trophy fees (see trophy fees above)
  • Flights, excursions, restaurants, supplementary nights before & after the safari
  • Tips for your hunting guide, trackers and camp staff are not obligatory and are to be paid at your Guide line is USD 100 / day for your PH, USD 10 / day per tracker and USD 10 / day for your camp staff to share

Conditions of sale:

  • Animal allowance per safari option may NOT be changed
  • Any wounded or lost animals to be paid in full
  • Any female killed or wounded and lost will be charged double
  • 50% deposit on your safari to secure your dates
  • Balance of your safari 60 days prior departure (contact us for any other arrangements)
  • Prices may change without notice upon government taxes changes and exchange rate fluctuations

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