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African hunting is in safe hands!

The new season has started, with some new young hunters testing their new skills. Action is taking place in the wild mountains of the Stormberg range, Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This is traditional hunting at its best, all on foot in breathtaking sceneries. Here, no fences, no power line and hardly any signs of civilisation. Game is wild and exceptionally adapted to its environment. Hunting is a challenge again, just the way it should be…

Our two 11 year old boys will help with our game management plan and excel by culling some old fallow deer does. A Sako .222 Remington Magnum is perfect to use for the kids.

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Our 14 year old pretty huntress will harvest a common blesbuck high up in the hills, after a long and challenging fair chase in this open area. It is only after a a few hours that she managed to lock her sight on the beast’s shoulder, taking a 150 m shot with a .300WM. Double lungs, well done!
Great hunting like in the good old days, just the way we like to do it, especially with kids sharing our passion and eager to learn our traditions.

As for Peter, he also did very well for his first time, first harvesting a good black wildebeest after a long and challenging stalk. It took us over 2 hours that morning to sneak up to the black wildebeest herd, using a little stream for cover. We walked up to the stream’s spring in the middle of a few Aoudad (Barbary sheep), fallow deer, mountain reedbuck, some mighty vaal rehbok and wide awake blesbuck. Our hunter could take a 70m shot at the bull.
The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward, well done Peter!
The next day, Peter will harvest an old common blesbuck at over 300 m.



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Picnic in the mountains at over 2000 m (6500 ft) where the temperatures are now starting to drop as we get into our winter time. Those mountains are always getting a bit of snow in the heart of winter…yes, snow in Africa!

See you out there!

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