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Grand Safari Bushnews – June 2016

It all started very well in the Congo, with the first hunters harvesting some bongos, yellow backed duiker, river hogs, forest duikers and even sitatunga …

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It was now Peter Flack and myself’s turn to have a good time in the rain forest, looking for an elusive forest Sitatunga.

Vian Roux seating left of Peter Flack and myself with his team before leaving camp

Vian Roux seating left of Peter Flack and myself with his team before leaving camp

A major crisis between Namibian concession holder and his Congolese partner changed the whole situation. As Peter Flack and myself arrived in camp, all SA PHs had been ordered to leave the country with immediate effect. Peter’s hunting permit was not in camp, we had no vehicle, no more management staff and had to leave on day 2 of the hunt. To cut a long story short, and after a 15 hours taxi ride and 22 road blocks, we finally reached Brazzaville where we could catch a flight back home.

Unfortunately, Grand Safari has stopped all its activities in the Congo until further notice.

Grand Safari Bushnews – May 2016

Show season is finally over for us, back in the bush where we are looking at a good but tough 2016 season ahead.

It’s got to be good when we look at the great results already obtained from the first 2016 safaris!
However, it seems like when talking to other African outfitters, less of you are traveling to mother Africa this year. Bad economy? Terrorism? Scared of paper work for your guns or repatriation of your trophies? What ever it is, please think again, it is not all that bad. Not one incident, ever, where we are running our safaris.
Remember that all of us, African outfitters and professional hunters, are only here for you. If the time comes where our concessions in Tanzania and elsewhere are not sustainable for lack of hunters, we will have to give them back, meaning poachers will move in, slaughtering what they can and cutting those beautiful trees for timber. No going back then…

Anyway, those of you that have already been with us this year, thank you so much for your support and for sharing some great times.

Our “Sea View Hunting Option” in South Africa is going strong. First family of the season saw a 9 year old little dude taking 8 different species and 12 animals in total. That includes a caracal over hounds! Well done chap, it always feels good to share our passion with young hunters.

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Dad also took a few of his own, including some unique shaped horns for his collection

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Some of our young hunters discovered surfing with our coach. That was a lot of fun!

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Some great memories and good trophies taken during the “Sea View Hunting Safari” option

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With an outstanding Waterbuck measuring almost 32″!!!


Various activities and excursions for the whole family

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Then it was my long time friend Philippe coming for his annual Grand Safari. Philippe and I have been hunting every year in various african countries for over 13 years now. This is “our” biggest cape buffalo to date, taken last week on a concession bordering the Kruger Park. A solid 43″…

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and of course some plains game for fun…

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We have started on season in Congo on time, with already a bongo and some other species taken last week. Some pics in the next newsletter…

See you out there!

Christophe Beau

HuntEx show in Johannesburg

It was good to see you all again this year at HuntEx. Thank you for your great interest in our various safari options from the rain forest in the Congo (Brazzaville), to Hemingways’ green hills in Tanzania and the savannah in Cameroon. Would it be for Bongo, Lord Derby Eland or Lesser Kudu, we have you covered!
Thank you Neels and your team at African Outfitter’s magazine for having us on your impressive booth.

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Hunting Fishing Shooting show in Bern Switzerland

It was a great pleasure meeting you or seeing you again at the show in Bern. Thanks to all our friends and clients for visiting our Grand Safari booth. It was our first time as exhibitors in Bern, big thank you to our local gunsmith friend and partner André Dubois for his help !
If we don’t see you under warm african sun before then, we’ll see you in Bern again in 2018!! (the show is only every second year).

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Grand Safari News – January 2016

GrandSafariDSC2016Already a month into the new year…and still hardly any rain in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Yes, I am now back home after a great show in Dallas. DSC knows how to put a show together, that is for sure. It was great seing all known faces at the show, pretty much the only place where I get to yearly meet some friends and colleagues from the international hunting fraternity.

Congratulations to Peter Flack for the Bateleur Award he received from SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) as well as for the Selous Award given to him by The African Professional Hunters Association. Well done Peter!
We will have the great pleasure to first meet up with Peter and his lovely wife Jane at Huntex  in Johannesburg in April where we will spend quality time on our friends’ booth Yolande and Neels from African Outfitter magazine. Peter and myself will then head up to the Congolese Rain Forest in May in search of an elusive Forest Sitatunga.

It was good catching up with some of you, and always nice to meet new dedicated hunters. Thanks for the big interest shown on our unique Sea View Hunting Safari options in South Africa, not to forget our 4 blocks in Tanzania, Congo, Cameroon, France…

Breaking news, as we speak, there is a zero quota on leopard in SA this year (2016). For those of you planning to chase Mister spotty in 2016 in SA, please contact your outfitter ASAP as there is no leopard tags available. We have some on quota on all our Tanzanian concessions. First come first serve, contact me for conditions and dates.

See you out there!

Christophe Beau

The tree climber, elephant hunter and man-eater Lions of Kizigo – Tanzania (August 2015)

It is the sixth time Swiss hunter Claude and myself are hunting together on the African continent. Lion is our top priority this time so to complete Claude’s Big Five we’ve started a few years ago. We have tried for lion in the Selous (Tanzania) before, and could have possibly harvested that big boy we saw then, if only the cubs of one of his females would have been older than 9 months… Pity but no disappointment as it only gave Claude a good excuse to come again with his wife Sonia.

For many years, too many young lions were harvested in Tanzania depleting the gene pool and affecting their population. Today, a lion has to be 6 years and older with cubs of 9 months or older to be hunted. Tough rules with teeth being X-rayed upon government official specs to verify cat’s age before export. It is always very challenging to age a wild lion in those harsh conditions, but this is the right and only thing to do if we want our kids to also hunt them one day.

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This time, we have decided to hunt in Central Tanzania, in the Kizigo Game Reserve situated between the Rungwa and Ruaha National Parks. It is said to be one of the best area (if not the best) to hunt one of those truly wild lion. We are about to find out…

It is overcast this morning when Claude, Sonia, their observer friend Michel and myself jump in the Cessna Caravan at Arusha airport. What a treat to see both Mount Meru and the Kilimanjaro above the clouds.

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One hour and 40 minutes of flying in a Southerly direction and we land on a good bush strip where Matt Lloyd-Sim and his team are waiting for us. Matt has over 20 years of experience in Tanzania and has been collecting fantastic data on the Kizigo lions for the last 3 years. He is a passionate expert when it comes to big cats and his team is of a high quality standard.

I jump in the first car with him while our guests will take a more leisured drive to camp in the second vehicle.

DSC07641On the way, Matt takes me to where he had a close encounter with lions a few days ago with his previous hunter from the US. They were tracking some buffaloes when a lioness charged, trying to push them to another 3 lions ambushed behind them. Their vehicle could get to them quick and thanks to an experienced team, it turned out to a memorable exciting experience. The kudu carcass they hanged in a nearby tree the next day was entirely eaten. In fact lions and sometimes lions and leopards took all the baits Matt hanged while hunting before our arrival… Read the rest of this entry »

Bushnews September 2015

Summer is almost here, with lots of rain in the Eastern Cape as well as in the Congo right now. Meanwhile, Central Tanzania Kizigo has been very dry very earlier this year, almost no winter with temperatures reaching 38°C (100°F) already a month ago.


Our season in South Africa is slowing down after some great trophies have been taken such as this old rhino bull and that white lion.

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It is full season in Tanzania where we operate from mainly 3 areas.

Selous produced excellent results so far, with 2 nice leopards, great buffaloes, a rare Roosevelt Sable (only 5 taken last year in the whole of Tanzania), some hippos and plains game including a huge Patterson Eland taken with Matt.

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We have had a great safari with Claude and Sonia from Switzerland and their friend Michel in the Kizigo Game Reserve in Central Tanzania. This is an outstanding area with lots of lions.

Watch out for the full report coming up soon…

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Our last hunters in Kizigo took some great animals including a huge buffalo (waiting for photos). They also hunted our third main Tanzanian area in Maasailand harvesting some good gazelles.

As for Congo / Brazzaville, our season had an unexpected late start this year but we are catching up with the first safaris being very successful. Mike from the US took a Bongo, Dwarf Buffalo, Yellow Back Duiker and Peters’ duiker last month, other greats trophies have also been taken. It rains quite a bit right now in the forest, making animals move a lot.

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Great time to hunt. Good news, we have some Giant Forest Hog on quota for this year, they have to be hunted before end of October. Contact me if interested.


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