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Sea, Hunt and Sun

It all started in the US when Chris and Bob Beck from EOL introduced me to Bob’s MOA rifles business partner Ken Cox…

One or two Gin & Tonic later in Dallas and I end up changing all my flights between 2 shows to spend some time with Ken and Shannon. First we went snow biking in Montana, that was just an amazing experience to ride those dirt bikes in deep snow, swapping wheels for a ski in front and a track at the back.

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Then we moved to Alberta where Ken took out a few MOA rifles for us to play in his large garden. I managed an unreal 3 inch group over 3 shots at a 1000 yards and some change in a 60km cross wind! That was an other experience hard to forget.

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A few month later, Jackie and Brian joined Shannon and Ken on a “Sea, Hunt & Sun” Grand Safari option, combining hard traditional hunting and some leisure hunting from our sea resort bordering the Indian Ocean. This is something we have been thinking about for a long time, testing the idea with a few of our guests over the last 2 years, and the enthusiasm has always been so high that we have decided to make it a set trip. This is what our Canadian friends are about to discover.

DSC07058We are in June 2015. After a few flights from Calgary to Amsterdam, Johannesburg and then finally landing in sunny East London in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, a very nice winter day with 18°C (65°F) welcomes our friends. The Indian Ocean is beautiful today and it would have been a very nice fishing day. I know the guys are very keen for a bit of fishing when we get back on the coast, but first we will spend some time hunting Cape Buffalo and plains game on one of our private concession in the Stormberg mountain range.

We get to the lodge about 4 hours later, the sun is going down fast at this time of the year, so is the temperature at 1200m (4,000 ft) above sea level. A few welcome drinks around the fire at the lodge will warm everyone’s up.

DSC06574Buffalo hunting is on the agenda, some of our bulls have given us lots of trouble for the last few months, escaping all the time, breaking all fences and chasing staff in neighboring properties. They just love going into the thick reeds growing in the local river, spending the day in narrow tunnels and grassing in farmlands at night. They lost all fear of human and need to be taken out before someone gets hurt. We will track them for 2 days in very thick vegetation, before a big bull with a very thick neck decide to turn on us. Brian gave it a good shot in the chest when the bull lifted his massive head, Grand Safari PH Jarryd just had the time to squeeze one in with a follow up shot, as discussed with Brian, before the reeds closed up on the bull again.

Belling call finally came, calming hunter’s adrenalin rush…

DSC06510The lodge is set in the middle of over 15,000ha of hunting play ground. It lies in a little valley surrounded by very scenic mountains and cliffs. It offers a central area where the dining room and the bar are to be found. We have 4 fireplaces in this area, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere after a day’s hunting in winter. Stuck away doors open up the main pit fire area to the well stocked bar and leather couches lounge. Home made gourmet meals are served each day in the dining area. The accommodation is made of 5 en suite bedrooms in the garden. Swimming pool and thatch roofs add to the unique feel of the place. For larger parties, the walk way over a little wooden bridge will take you to the second lodge with 7 en suite bedrooms and all facilities. Read the rest of this entry »

International Day for Biological Diversity

22nd of May is the day chosen by the United Nations to celebrate biological diversity.

We are very fortunate to leave and have our offices in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, where 5 out of the 7 biomes are to be found. How is that for a great biological diversity!!!

Of course, 5 different biomes will bring various species of fauna. We have recently had some hunters enjoying some of them, with C & D under Grand Safari PH Jarryd’s supervision

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May is also the time of the year when long time friend Philippe has is annual safari with Christophe. It all started about 13 years ago…lots of great memories!

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Season is going well, more news coming up soon …

Huntex Johannesburg, RSA: 2015

The only way to take a decent photo of our outstanding booth (thanks to Neels and Yolande from African Outfitter magazine ) is to arrive early. Once doors are open it gets rather busy. .. Has been great so far, thank you for all your support and interest in our exclusive hunting destinations!

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Huntex JNB, RSA – 2015

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We are now in Johannesburg fine tuning last details before the Huntex show starts. Neels and Yolande from African Outfitter are very kindly hosting us in their beautiful booth # 514 Hall 5 from 24 to 27 May 2015.
Easy to find, just ask where the big elephant, rhinos, buffaloes, hippo and bongo etc are! !

See you there

Rambouillet 2015

A lot of people again in Grand Safari booth this year,  thank you very much for your support and for the patience shown by those of you having to come multiple times before we could seat and talk about your next Grand Safari!

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French Hunting Convention Rambouillet 2015 – Mantes la Jolie

10 to 13 April 2015

Each year, I have the great pleasure to attend to this great convention outside Paris. Our booth number is D26 (same booth as last year). I will be presenting our various safari options in CONGO, UGANDA, but also in TANZANIA and SOUTH AFRICA.


Some of our “Show Special” will include a 10 day buffalo safari in the heart of the Selous (Tanzania) for USD 15,000 (all in, with transfer to the concession from Dar es Salaam and first buffalo).
Limited offer, first come first serve

See you then!

Grand Safari in Moscow

All the very best of luck to Sergey and his team at EVENTUS during the show in Moscow. Wishing them the very best of luck!



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