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BUSH NEWS September 2014

UGANDA, some news record trophies taken recently

Tom has just been hunting with us in Uganda, herewith his first report:

Hello Christophe;

The trip exceeded my expectations by far. Uganda is an amazing destination. The whole country looks as if it is a golf course. The Park was exceptional and it did my heart good to see the elephant and Nile buffalo herds.
Fishing was exceptional.
The communal hunting in the main camp was interesting. Pieter and his crew hunted hard, and we were blessed with some wonderful old trophies (as it should be). Camps were comfortable, and food better than expected.

Highly recommend this trip to any one seeking Sitataunga, with the Nile bushbuck and Kob being a bonus. The experience was rather seamless from start to finish. New friend in Pieter (Grand Safari PH in Uganda) (another bonus). Thanks Sincerely, Tom

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Christophe will be back in Congo this week for the last hunts of the 2014 season. No need to wait the end of the season to say that it has exceeded all our expectations with great trophies taken and lots of animals spotted.
Some exciting news for next year in Congo…that we will reveal a bit later …

BUSH NEWS July – August 2014

Herewith the second part of Sergey and his hunter Dima with us, guided by our PH Jarryd. Dima got a very good Mountain Reedbuck as well as a good common Blesbok, before heading to an other concession of ours a little bit more inland. Here, Dima will take a beautiful Oryx and a very good common Springbok when Sergey will harvest a great Blue Wildebeest.

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Then we had the great pleasure of having a french family from Lyon. Stunning landscape with loads of game in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, some outstanding stalk with very good animals harvested, well done guys!

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Meanwhile, our PH Christo will get a very good leopard and some old dagga boys…

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As for myself, I was in Kimberley area with long time friend André Dubois, a renowned Swiss gunsmith, and his group of hunters. Cape Buffalo was what we were looking for, and we got 5 old big dagga boys in 6 days, along with some plains game.

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André will also harvest that outstanding Waterbuck of way over 33” that will score # 16 at SCI!!

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And the season just carry on with an other great East African Sitatunga in Uganda …


Until next time, happy hunting and sharp bullet!!


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06:00 AM, there is now enough light to see that small herd of Bongo getting into the softest leaves alongside the road. It’s gonna be hot today, the mist is thick and comes over us in waves.

We’re on foot, 60 meters away from those mystical forest antelopes, about 12 of them, mainly females and young, a big male was spotted earlier and could be close by…

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We are in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), on the Northern shore of the huge Congo River, facing the massive DRC. Read the rest of this entry »

BUSH NEWS, May – June 2014


More hunters in the Eastern Cape with some very nice trophies taken lately, herewith some pics

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PH Mike also guided some hunters in the Limpopo with a magnificent Southern Greater Koudou amongst other species taken

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We are also in the middle of our hunting season in Uganda. Although hunting had been tough lately on our concession bordering Murchison Falls National Park (high grass and no movement of animals staying inside the park, we had an alternative area further North for Nile Buffalo and Kob. Our last hunters decided to still try their luck around the Park and got a very nice old Nile Buffalo with a good Uganda Kob.

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Our party will then proceed to our Sitatunga area in Ndoma where they had great success, as always … herewith some pics of Sitatunga, Bushbucks and oribi taken

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Comments from hunter JM speaks for themselves:

“… in the second camp, despite very tall grass affecting the stalks, the density was so great that I could select my trophies and only harvest what I thought was exceptional. That is luxury!

As for my East African Sitatunga, out of 2 outings on visiting 2 machanes, we counted 7 bulls and 8 females, this is simply unbeliveable. For having spent hours, even days in CAR, Tanzania and Zambia hopping to find Sitatunga, I would have never imagine to be able to live one day such an incredible experience.

Overall, we had a great safari with always welcoming and smiling staff, top luxury at our tented camp. PH Philippe was always in good mood and available for us, great PH and hunting companion …”


It is a real pleasure to have our russian agent and friend Sergey Tyutchev from EVENTUS with us at the moment. Sergey is hunting with russian hunter Dima and Grand Safari PH Jarryd on our Eastern Cape concessions in South Africa right now, I was with them yesterday when Dima harvested a very nice red Hartebeest. herewith some pics, have a look at the one showing our hunters 60 meters away from a herd of 15 hartebeest bulls. It looks real close, but because of the slope, our hunters could only see the head of that nive bull on the left … well guess what, that was good enough for Dima to take the shot. Welldone guys!!

More of this safari in the next newsletter…

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Grand Safari Bush News: May 2014

Some bush news from Grand Safari team with a few hunts in process and some great stuff drying in the salt…

Richard smoked an old dagga boy with a perfect frontal shot … He also took some very good plains game during his second safari with us.

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Sandra took a very nice Zebra, well done!


Bryan has been hunting with us twice already, and took magnificent animals during his third Grand Safari, including a very nice Caracal

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Missy was also hunting with Bryan and took a nice Impala and a beautiful Oryx

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More coming up soon …

French Hunting Convention Rambouillet 2014

We had the pleasure to attend to the main french hunting convention Rambouillet 2014 again this year, this is a great show where we get to meet all our french hunters year after year.

Last year, we introduced Uganda to he french hunting community, and this year was Congo Brazzaville. Lots of interest for this new forest destination where we have great numbers of Bongo, Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo, Yellow backed duiker and the usual other forest duikers.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

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Bush News – March 2014

Saturday, Martin (Grand Safari PRO staff member) wants to take his bow for a walk on one of our concession close to the Indian Ocean. It is a lovely afternoon and I decide to join him.

… Some Nyalas on our left are checking us out, a very nice bull of about 27’’ leading the troop. We’ve decided to look for Cape Bushbuck, any bow hunter’s dream buck to harvest. Martin will walk the valley on the left, I’ll take the right one and we can meet a tour usual spot, a big rock from where we can glass the hills further. There is something special about hunting any spiral horn antelope species, especially walk and stalk with your bow …

This time of the year, the bush is thick and the grass very long, allowing to get real close but also to bump into something without seeing anything. Well, soon enough, it is a young ram that jumps in front of me and dive in the thickets with a very upset bark …

Further on, it will be a big ewe and a young lamb happily browsing on the hill in front of me. Then an other one barks on my right, this place is full of them!

Further on, a young ram gives me his shoulder at about 45 yards, I’ll try to get closer for fun but the wind turns and he also dive into the nearest bush.

Martin is already on top of the rock and found 3 or 4 rams, but rather too far to reach before it gets dark. We decide to walk back to the 4×4, we have about an hour left before night.

We’ve been walking together for less than 10mn when a beautiful ram shows himself about 200 yards below us. He has his noise stuck in a bush browsing some juicy green leaves. A beautiful stalk in the long grass and behind thick green bushes takes both of us to about 20 yards away. He is really a M.A.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T buck possibly touching 15’’.

I draw my bow and as I am about to stand up for a shot, he lift his head up and start looking around, finally decide to walk up the path towards us …

It is with one knee down that I will let the arrow go in his shoulder as he passes us at about 10 yards … He will run 15 yards, rounds his back and just collapses in the open.

He is beautiful, and what a hunt!! We truly have some world class bow hunting in the Eastern Cape of South Africa!!!

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A week earlier, it is a group of French hunters that Martin and Patrick took to the hills of Tarkastad area, on an other exclusive Grand Safari concession. Their hunters took 2 superb East Cape Kudu (with one just above 50’’ ranking quite high in the book, look at those deep curls!)

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Our hunters also took some good Nyalas, Oryx/Gemsbok amongst other species. Great hunt, great people, good time!

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